ORA has been designed to provide a unique and integrated combination of capabilities.

We recruit and train the very brightest minds from the best universities, looking for people of both the highest intellect and with an aptitude for action.
We offer a full spectrum of intelligence, communication and litigation capabilities that enable decision makers to navigate complex, unfamiliar or high-risk situations and to accomplish specific legal and commercial outcomes.
We are former senior government representatives, criminal barristers, strategic campaign experts, open source intelligence specialists, data analysts, investigative journalists, academics, geopolitical security analysts and linguists.
We have first-hand experience of resolving complex problems, often in the public eye, and of working under pressure in opaque and unfamiliar environments.
We have operated on the ground across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and with agencies including the FBI and DoJ in the US and the FCA, the Serious Fraud Office and HMRC in the UK.
Our advisory group includes former members of the UK’s Special Forces, Diplomatic Service and security and law enforcement agencies.
We will only operate to the highest legal and ethical standards and always with absolute discretion.